It's Unique-join us and find your perfect gift!

8 December 2010 12:23 , , | Posted by ItsUnique

Are you looking for a different time of greeting card? A card that is different and special to make someone feel different and special, what you are probably looking for is a unique greeting card. 
Do you know a football fan who would love a unique pop up stadium card? We were the first company in the world to design and manufacture pop up football stadium cards. Our cards have amazing detail and superb quality.
Maybe you know a fan who would like to have their own personalised football shirt decoupage card. Put any name on the shirt and any greeting in a unique decoupage style.
All our cards are delivered within 48 hours.
What about our beautiful specialised unique pop up cards. We have over 50 to choose from and many more on the way. All these amazing cards follow a theme;  Sport, flowers, animals, famous buildings, all in fantastic detail.
Still looking for more? Our Wavey Davey cards are cute in the extreme. These cards will either make you laugh or melt your heart. In some case they will do both.
Even more! Why not send someone you really love a message in the sand. Our magnet fridge messages are ideal for this.
All these products are on our website
Hope you enjoy blogging with us.